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A516 steel Plate

Plate A516 From group of carbon Steel Plates is produced and supplied with two grades (grid) 60 and 70.

A516 steel plate Gr 60 and A516 steel plate Gr 70 They are most used in the steam boiler storage industry. Steel plates A516 They have a high tensile strength and acceptable decomposition and are used to make the walls of the tanks bend and lens.

A516 Gr 70 steel Plate Compared to A516 Gr 60 steel plate has higher quality, better welding properties, better brushing and flexibility.

Plates A516 With other grades like A516 Gr 55 and A516 Gr 65) Matching ASTM America (Also produced. In fact, the difference between the different levels of the burner plate is in tolerance to pressure and temperature, lens capability, traction test and impact test. The domestic refineries mainly use plates made in Iran (Mobarakeh Steel) and imported from countries as Ukraine, South Korea and China, among which the plate A516 Persian and plate A516 Chinese Because of a low percentage Manganese In plates produced by them, they are placed in low quality grades.


A516 steel Plate consumptions

Burner Plate A516 It is used in a variety of industries, including the main consumption plate A516 Can be used in repository and boiler industries.

Other uses of this plate are as follows: pressure vessels, pressure fittings and converters, spherical reservoirs and renewable energy equipment.


A516 steel Plate manufacturers

Illia CompanyUkraine

Ilyich Comany – Ukraine

Posco CompanySouth Korea

Posco Company – South Korea

Production Company   Duferroux  Belgium

Dufrco Steel Company – Belgium


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