Steel Profile

It is a type of section that has many variations that are used both in the building and in the industry. The tube is also in the family of cans and profiles that have building and industrial applications. Consumptions: This steel section is used in the major construction industry for the use of doors, [...]

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L Angles

L Angles Angles are the most important parts used in construction, electrical, road construction and industrial industries. It is produced in two forms: V_Shaped and L_shaped. These types of profiles are usually produced in sizes from 6 to 12 meters. Application of L Angles It is applied to connect the bridges to the columns, [...]

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Kinds of bars

Kinds of bars Plain bar In order to produce this bar, first the iron ingots are entered into the furnaces at a temperature of 1100 ° C in the specified rows using a hydraulic jack. When the iron ingots are placed inside the furnace, they are prepared for rolling by eddy current at high [...]

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steel Plate

A516 steel Plate Plate A516 From group of carbon Steel Plates is produced and supplied with two grades (grid) 60 and 70. A516 steel plate Gr 60 and A516 steel plate Gr 70 They are most used in the steam boiler storage industry. Steel plates A516 They have a high tensile strength and acceptable [...]

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ST37 Black Steel plate

ST37 Black Steel plate It is one of the low carbon steel plates that is widely used in various industries, especially in the construction of the chassis and car bodies, civil engineering and industrial engineering and has a low hardness and resistance against abrasion. The chemical composition of this grade is of steel, containing [...]

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